Make Up Request Form

How to Request a Make Up


If your student is currently enrolled in 7 or more classes, and missed a class for any reason, we will be happy to try to schedule ONE make up per semester.

We would appreciate you letting us know if  you have to miss a class so we can use the spot for someone else to do a make‐up.

Please read the following carefully:

A missed class can only be made up during the semester in which the class was missed. A make up cannot be carried over to another semester. No make up can be done during the first week of a semester. We do not offer a choice of instructors for your make up class , availability is based solely on matching students by age, ability and class ratio.

Makeup requests can only be submitted by filling out this form and pressing SUBMIT or Emailing the same information to

Email requests will be answered mostly M-F. We will only respond if your request is 3 days or less from the requested make-up class, and best to give us at least 12 hours before your desired class.

Make-Up Request

Make-Up Request Form

(Example: 456-789-6543)

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